Word damaged; can't repair or reinstall or uninstall

Word damaged; can't repair or reinstall or uninstall

Post by Mark » Wed, 29 Oct 2003 02:38:54

I have a problem with Word XP (Ver 10.5522.4219 SP-2) that started a couple
of weeks ago. Whenever I move a paragraph from one place to another in the
document, or insert a paragraph, the program pauses for a few seconds while
the animated Spelling/Grammar checker symbol at the bottom status bar is
moving. During this few-second period, the program will not respond to
anything. As soon as the symbol is done with its animation, the program runs

1) I have tried turning off spell checking, grammar checking, deleting all
add-ins (only using Adobe Acrobat 6.0), deleting the normal.dot template,
deleting the registry data and toolbar keys, turning off Norton Antivirus
(all of the usual troubleshooting techniques), but the problem persists.
Note that Excel and PowerPoint are not affected by this problem; only Word.

2) Next I tried the "Detect and Repair" option. When I run this, the repair
operation fails and I get the following error message: "Error 1901 Setup
cannot read file C:\Windows\Installer\240af2a7.msp. For help, see
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office 10\1033\Setup.hlp". A search for
error 1901 in the MSKB didn't turn up anything about this error. And the
entire folder "C:\Windows\Installer" is missing; it's not even a hidden

3) So next I tried reinstalling Word from Control Panel\Add or Remove
Programs\Microsoft Office\Change\Repair\Reinstall Office. This process fails
with the following error message: "Installer Terminated Prematurely".
Hitting "OK" produces the error message "The I/O operation has been aborted
because of either a thread exit or an application request".

4) So next I tried uninstalling Office, which produces the same error
message as in 3) above.

At this point, it seems that I can't repair, re-install, or even uninstall
Word. Can anyone offer any suggestions? The OS is Windows XP Pro, Version
5.1 (Build 2600.xpsp2.030422-1633: Service Pack 1) with all
currently-available patches and updates.

Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions.

Word damaged; can't repair or reinstall or uninstall

Post by anonymou » Wed, 29 Oct 2003 08:29:03

that started a couple
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a few seconds while
bottom status bar is
not respond to
animation, the program runs
checking, deleting all
normal.dot template,
Norton Antivirus
problem persists.
problem; only Word.
run this, the repair
message: "Error 1901 Setup
help, see
\Setup.hlp". A search for
this error. And the
not even a hidden
Panel\Add or Remove
Office. This process fails
operation has been aborted
the same error
or even uninstall
Windows XP Pro, Version


Word damaged; can't repair or reinstall or uninstall

Post by Suzanne S. » Wed, 29 Oct 2003 12:50:04

Was there an answer here somewhere?