2 Simple questions

2 Simple questions

Post by U3Rldm » Sun, 06 Feb 2005 06:03:07

1) Something's crazy going on (for Word that's normal I guess).

A long time ago, I removed a lot of the icons/buttons up top because I don't
need them.

But for some reason, today, when I opened my documents all the icons/buttons
are all there!

Anyway, I set it back as best as I remember...but they keep coming back when
I open Word later on. So it's not "locked" in.

What's going on?

And when I x out of a document a window keeps popping up about Normal.dot,
and eventually get a window for a new template.

I deleted all my Normal files (new templates) that I somehow made (and never
used) and would like to start from scratch.

By the way - I have 2 rows of icons/buttons. Is there a way to move a
specific icon to the other row?

2) How do you revert back to an original document, when you're already have
it open?

Another words, if I open a document, and start working on it, but want to go
back to the original, while keeping this edited document open how do I do

When I try and open the original file, a small window comes up saying "do
you want to revered to the saved document?"

If I click no, nothing happens. If I click yes, the original document comes
up, losing the one I'm working on.

So how open the original document after you've been working on it?



2 Simple questions

Post by Jay Freedm » Sun, 06 Feb 2005 07:38:23

Hi Steve,

1) Your customization of the toolbars is stored in Normal.dot. When you
deleted Normal.dot, you lost the customizations. When you put them back, you
have to save Normal.dot to keep them.

Yes, you can hold down the Alt key while you drag a button from one toolbar
to another.

2) The only way you can keep a modified copy of a document open and also
open the original version is by first saving the modified one as a separate
file, using File > Save As.

Jay Freedman
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2 Simple questions

Post by U3Rldm » Sun, 06 Feb 2005 12:25:03

I didn't delete them until after this mess. The icons/buttons came back by
themselves (I did install a new A/V progam, that might have had something to
do with it).

Doesn't matter, I'll never figure out this normal.dot/templets. I've had
this for 4 years and I still can't figure it out.

But how do I set up word the way I want it and have it appear when I click
the "new page" icon on the top task bar inside word, or the desktop word

Yes, I made new "templets" but can never get them to appear.

What I've done is actually saved a document the way I want things set
up...but I still run into problems.

Thanks but of course, nothing's easy. I got rid of the Format gallery icon
completly by using the alt key (its check mark was whited out and couldn't
delete it that way) , but sometimes it re-appeared, sometimes it was gone.

(word WILL drive you mad).

Yea? I could have sworn there was a way to bring up the original.

using Word 2000

2 Simple questions

Post by Graham May » Sun, 06 Feb 2005 14:31:29

You cannot create a normal.dot template by saving a document as normal.dot.
Only Word can create normal.dot and it will do so again if normal.dot is

You can get Word to display its icons on two lines by setting the
appropriate option in tools > customize > options.

It works best if you don't move icons between the default toolbars. If you
want to tun off some standard icons, then do so via the little arrow at the
right had end of each toolbar. If you want to add icons, create a new
personal toolbar.

You can open normal.dot directly to edit the page setup and default styles
to your taste.

You can create your own *document* templates by saving a document as
template and Word will save it in the correct template folder.

Word will prompt to save normal.dot on closing (provided the option is set
in tools > options - which it should be) if there are potential changes to
the settings in normal.dot e.g. if you have added (say) an autotext entry;
or when there are certain fault conditions. Start by checking out

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