Thanks Suzanne and Doug!

Thanks Suzanne and Doug!

Post by Brand » Thu, 15 Dec 2005 13:50:11

Yea, it worked!! I appreciate your help. :-)

Say goodnight Gracie... Goodnight Gracie

1. ATTN: Doug Schwarz permute * THANKS DOUG - great stuff*

2. Thank you Charles & Suzanne

I just want to post a thank you for the help Charles Kenyon and Suzanne
Barnhill give me on January 26th with an expanding file problem.
I have not completely solved the problem, but I have learned what is going on
and been directed to lots of imformation that has improved my computing

Thanks again.

3. turn off ALL automatic formatting - PS thanks Suzanne, Graham

4. * * THANKS Suzanne * * get to changes within a large document

5. Problems with footnotes, Thank you Suzanne!!!

6. Thank you, Suzanne!

7. Big Thanks to SVC and Suzanne M. Barnhill

8. THANKS Suzanne

9. Thanks Suzanne and R!

10. Thanks Suzanne!

11. Thanks very much Suzanne.

12. Thanks, Suzanne

13. Thank You, Suzanne

14. Margaret: Thanks; Suzanne: Question

15. Bingo! - thanks Suzanne and Greg