Fine Tuning Ribbon Customization

Fine Tuning Ribbon Customization

Post by Greg Maxe » Sat, 22 Sep 2007 12:44:04

Ok, I know that there are third party applications to ease customizing the
Ribbon but since I don't really need to customize it and when I do it is
only for the sake of having a challenge I prefer doing it the manual way.

Currently I am attempting to customize the Font group on the Home tab. I
wanted to hide the "Bold" togglebutton. First I tried simply to set the
value of IdMso="Bold" visible="false" but got an error message that the
builtin groups could not be modified.

Now I have set IdMso="GroupFont" visible="false", added my own new group and
trying to build a mirror of the GroupFont excluding the "Bold" icon. I have
managed so far to replicate the first row of the group but I am stuck on two
fine points.

1. The Font combobox in my custom group is not as wide as the Font combobox
in the original GroupFont and is too narrow to show the complete font name.
I dont see any attribute of the control to make it wider.

2. My row of controls is jammed up tight against the top of the group. In
the original GroupFont it appears there is a nice margin all the way around
the group. I can't find in attibute of the group or other means of adding
that nice bit of grey space between the top of the controls and the top of
the group.


Greg Maxey/Word MVP
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What error were you getting anyway? You left that very important part

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