STYLES available on all NEW DOCUMENTS

STYLES available on all NEW DOCUMENTS

Post by kurt » Fri, 25 Jul 2003 22:26:25

Hello to all,

First, thanks to everyone over the past many months who
have helped me out with various questions in Word. The
MVP's are wonderful.

Second, PLEASE oh PLEASE can someone help me with this? I
have tried MANY ways to have a collection of styles
available with every NEW document FIRM WIDE in a law firm,
but to no avail. I am using Word 2002 (XP). I do NOT want
to put these styles in each user's since I want
to be able to add new styles over time and would like to
have an EASY way to do this. In addition, I don't want to
overwrite any user's autotexts, or Toolbar customizations
on their The ideal would be: Create a
template that has the styles I want to distribute to
everyone in the firm, put that template in some directory
on the network, and have each user point to it in some
way, either through startup, workgroup, or otherwise.
Then, if 2 months later, I want to add several new styles
for use with NEW documents (and even existing documents if
possible) I would simply update my template on the network
to include the new styles, and since the users would be
already pointing to the template, on a new login, they
would have the newest styles available to them. BUT NO!!
I have tried several things but nothing seems to work.

I created a which loads from the startup
directory off of the network...this brings up for each
user many buttons on a new toolbar with
pleadings, fancy macros, etc. This works great. But the
styles in this will not show on new docs.

An MVP suggested I put a template with the styles that I
want on the desktop, and instead of clicking the normal
Word icon, click the new shortcut. This DOES load the new
styles, but only for the first blank screen in Word.
Then, in clicking the New Doc button from the toolbar,
Word always goes back to using the

Another MVP suggested the /t switch, but I can't get this
to work, and I think it will only load the template the
first time I go into Word, and not for the New Doc button.

I have thought about replacing the New Doc button with one
that looks like it, but in fact loads the template that I
want to load. And to ensure that the styles load for the
first blank screen when loading Word, I could replace the
Word shortcut with the shortcut for the template.

I'll do this if nothing else works, but I can't believe
there's not a way for Word 2002 to load my template, from
addins for example. I tried that too, and the styles
don't come up.



STYLES available on all NEW DOCUMENTS

Post by Graham May » Sat, 26 Jul 2003 00:24:49

Global templates ( aside) do not carry styles.
The styles used in documents should be created (or copied to) the *document*

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STYLES available on all NEW DOCUMENTS

Post by Margaret A » Sat, 26 Jul 2003 22:38:07

i Kurt

Customizing the New document button so that new documents always use the
document template containing the styles is almost certainly the best way to
do this and seems to be logically what you want. You need to create a
one-line macro using the Documents.Add method to create new documents from
your template.

If you call this macro FileNewDefault it will always take the place of the
standard Word command, without having to customise the toolbar itself. You
can put the macro in an add-in, and this should then do the job for all

You will still need to use one of your existing methods to use the template
when Word is started from the desktop.

Margaret Aldis - Microsoft Word MVP
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