Doc. Page Nos. vs Sec. Page Nos.

Doc. Page Nos. vs Sec. Page Nos.

Post by SmltIERhaG » Fri, 22 Oct 2004 03:41:02

Thanks to all that reply.

Using Word 2002 in Windows 2000 / Office XP

I have a document with numerous sections and need to have the following:

Header - "Doc. Page X of XX"
Footer - "Sec. Page Y of YY"

X = specific document page number, XX = total number of pages in the document,
Y = specific section page number, YY = total number of pages in the section

I can get X (field code: { PAGE }), XX (field code: { NUMPAGES }), and YY
(field code: { SECTIONPAGES \# "0" \* Arabic \* MERGEFORMAT }).

How do I define "Y" to display the specific section page number that will
still allow X to be specific document page number.

Doc. Page Nos. vs Sec. Page Nos.

Post by Jay Freedm » Fri, 22 Oct 2004 05:21:33

Hi Jim,

This is going to take some work.

Place a bookmark on the last page of each section, named something like
"EndSecN" where N is the section number.

In the first section, the field for Y is the same as the one for X.

In each remaining section, the field for Y is
{ = { PAGE } - { PAGEREF EndSec(N-1) } }
so for example the one in section 3 will be
{ = { PAGE } - { PAGEREF EndSec2 } }

This requires that in each section after the first, the footer has the Same
As Previous property turned off. You'll have to be careful not to delete the
bookmarks or let them get onto pages before the last of the section, and
you'll have to remember to update fields as the document changes (most
easily by going to Print Preview and back, assuming you have the Tools >
Options > Print > Update fields option turned on).

Jay Freedman
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Doc. Page Nos. vs Sec. Page Nos.

Post by Charles Ke » Fri, 22 Oct 2004 05:34:20

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