lose cross references when save as web page

lose cross references when save as web page

Post by Q2Fyb2xpbm » Tue, 22 Mar 2005 15:25:03

I have a fairly simple Word 2003 document that has three levels of headings
(using the default heading styles). I have set up cross-references in the
document to the section headings both in text and in a flow chart. I also
have a table of contents. This all works fine in Word, but I want to be able
to save the document as a web page and make it accessible through a MS Access
database. The document is a set of instructions for users of the database and
should open when they click on a 'help' button.
When I view it as a web page I have a couple of problems:
- the references contained within the diagram become field code and I don't
have the option to right click and toggle the field code. Also the users
wouldn't necessarily know that they would need to do this.
- the cross-references in both the flow chart and in text don't work as
hyperlinks like they do in Word. The main reason that I set it up with
cross-references is so that this would be available.
- however, my TOC links work fine.

I've tried saving as both html and mht and can't get it to work either way.

thanks in anticipation of your help

lose cross references when save as web page

Post by lostinspac » Tue, 22 Mar 2005 16:21:00

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Subject: lose cross references when save as web page

The mht format is not a functioning web page, rather a save-to-local format
for off-line viewing of web pages.

For you other link/html problems a URL to the malfunctioning page would be
the best possibility of resolution?

"HOWEVER", if you've created the html page in the standard Word/html format
with all the bloated html, than looking for a solution (short of dead links)
is a near impossibility.

Html pages do not require Word to edit the end-use content. It may be done
with any text editor.