Using Outlook 2000 Contacts with Word 2000

Using Outlook 2000 Contacts with Word 2000

Post by amVub » Sat, 22 Nov 2003 04:31:19

I am trying to find a way to use my Outlook 2000 Contacts as my default Address Book in Word 2000 and not Outlook Express. Is there a way of doing this or a way of setting up Outlook Express to use the same format as Outlook 2000.

Using Outlook 2000 Contacts with Word 2000

Post by amVub » Sat, 22 Nov 2003 04:51:05

never mind found it already! :)
To Create a New Forma
In a new Word document, type the predefined address property names (in uppercase letters) in the format you want to set up, for example

where indicates that you should press ENTER on your keyboard. Also, the brace characters ( { and } ) are typed from the keyboard and are not to be confused with field braces (CTRL+F9). When you use the braces with the address layout fields, if a field is blank when you import the address, Word automatically suppresses the blank line

Select this text
On the Insert menu, point to AutoText and then click New
In the Please name your AutoText entry box, type AddressLayout.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you use a language-specific version of Microsoft Word, you must use the AddressLayout word that is specific for your language. The following are a few examples for some specific languages: Language AutoText Entry Nam

English AddressLayou
Dutch AdresIndelin
French MiseEnPageAdress
Italian IndirizzoLayou
German Adrelayou
Danish AdresseLayou