Full-screen in one of several Word windows (for multi-screen syste

Full-screen in one of several Word windows (for multi-screen syste

Post by QmVuIEVkZW » Mon, 03 Sep 2007 04:26:01

I run a multi-screen computer, and I'd like to simultaneously view a document
both in full-screen mode (for my audience / guests) (on one screen), and in
the ordinary Word editor (Word's "Normal" view) (on another screen, for me).

I had hoped to be able to open a second window of the same document (Window
- New Window), then simply choose View Full Screen. But of course Full
Screen applies to all active windows, not just the current window.

I next hoped ActiveDocument.ActiveWindow.View.FullScreen = True would do
what I want. After all, that code specifically says "ActiveWindow." But,
no, it applies to all windows.

Any possibilities? I'm comfortable writing VBA as needed, but I don't see
how to approach this.

In a pinch I can make do in the Full Screen mode. Certainly I know all the
shortcut keys I need, etc. But the ordinary editor has some real benefits --
for example, that I could open two separate documents, whereas Full Screen
inevitably restricts me to one doc (per screeen). So I would prefer Normal
View if possible.

I'm running Word 2003, but could upgrade to 2007 if need be.

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Answer: when Windows Media Player feels like it.

This one has me stumped.
When I run WMP 9 on my XP SP2 laptop,
full-screen mode works fine for movies,
but behaves strangely playing an mp3.
Clicking on the full-screen button works, it does
look like it goes full-screen, but the screen is
totally black except for a square area in the center that
has the visualization in it (I was using Ambience: Random
if that makes a difference -- all of them behave the same).

I repeat, I do NOT have a problem with getting into
full screen mode. The problem is that it is not
actually full screen. The controls are gone, only
alt-enter or escape exit the mode, and it exits
cleanly back into windowed mode.

Every diagnostic passes, turning on/off hardware
acceleration has no significant effect, and googling/browsing
web/newsgroups has completely failed me, what a surprise.

The only other things I noticed were that the
visualization seemed to be a finer resolution in
full-screen mode than in windowed mode, even though
the space used was about the same, and that it seemed
to be "faster" but that could be subjective.

As usual, this is a "worked fine 6 weeks ago
and I've changed nothing since then" problem.

Anybody else ever see this?

Thanks in advance for any tips/pointers ...

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