digital sign

digital sign

Post by QW1pciBDaG » Thu, 17 Apr 2008 02:36:01

Hello all,

In my organiztion everybody uses SmrtCard to login.

I have a word form, that I use in my organiztion to give network permission
to users.
The user updates the form and sends it for approval by his manager/s.
after that the form goes to 5 more people until the permission is granted.

I want to make this form more secure and do it by mail instead of fax.
I have searched the network for making a table of permissions and every
manager signs in his area by SmartCard.

in other words I want to make a table that reads the info from Smartcard to
the appropriate field in the table.

Is this possible?

Is it secure? Can users copy from another document the approval?

Thanks in advanced,
Amir Chen.