Shared Workspace/Information Rights Management

Shared Workspace/Information Rights Management

Post by QWRyaWVubm » Sun, 22 Jul 2007 03:44:07

Hello, I need to collaborate with multiple business partners. Does anyone
know if using the free Microsoft Server that hosts the Shared
Workspace/Information Rights Management function in Office 2003
(File/Permission/Restrict Permission) works when we need to collaborate on
documents? Or do I need to purchase my own Microsoft Server? Thanks.

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We have a document library with ~40k documents which include DOC, PDF,
JPG and TIFF files. These files are being commented on and
catagorized via Document Information in the Shared Workspace hosted in
the Sharepoint Document Library.

Unfortunately the Shared Workspace is not displayed for files which
are not Microsoft Office compatible.

I do realize PDF-to-Word conversion, Acrobat commenting, creation of a
Document Workspace and saving the file to the sharepoint webfolder
where you must at that point enter the Document Information are all
legitimate methods but these processes are inefficient and user
unfriendly for different reasons. Also third party tools for
displaying PDFs in Word has been examined at the rate of $75 per user.

Is there a way to display the Shared Workspace for PDFs the way it is
displayed when a Word Document is opened?

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