can we print styles with text

can we print styles with text

Post by ZG9ubm » Thu, 01 Sep 2005 22:30:02

I am using MS Word 2000 and I am trying to print style names with the text
just like it shows in Normal View.

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Can anyone answer the following two questions please. I have hunted high and
low through theMicrosoft sites and can fin absolutely NOTHING that even
vaguely resembles the issues I am trying to resolve.

1) When trying to access the print options or page setup in Outlook I get an
error message saying that it cannot access the page. Although everything work
perfectly well in all the other Office programs!

2) Does anyone know any method by which the default layout print template
for the weekly calendar can be changed to look more like that of the Calendar
in Office 2003. The one currently in use in 2007, is absolutely hopeldess. It
is difficult to read, and I cannot find any way in which it can be changed,
doctored or adapted. I cannot change the style or size of the text, nor the
table line layout to look more like the calendar seen on screen!!!!

Any assistance would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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