Command Button Problems

Command Button Problems

Post by Cindy M » Sat, 20 Jan 2007 19:52:54

Hi =?Utf-8?B?Q0lPUE1P?=,

You could try asking this question in the following groups:


and a group that deals with scripting for Internet Explorer. I'm not familiar with IE
from the automation side of things, but this sounds as if this library may have been
removed. Possibly for security reasons.

> 1. From the ontrol Toolboxtoolbar click the button icon to insert a >> button in the document. >> 2. Click the esign ModeButton so that black squares that appear on the > > button:> > 3. Double click on the buttons to open the icrosoft Visual Basic Window>
> 4. Select Tool, References, and ensure that icrosoft Internet Controlsi>
> selected, place a checkbox beside it, if necessar>.
> 5. Between the rivate Suband nd Sublines, insert the following t>xt:
> Dim IE As SHDocVw.InternetExpl>rer
> Set IE = CreateObject("Internetexplorer.applicati>n")
> IE.Visible = >rue
> IE.Navigate "Website goes h>re" >>
> However, I am now unable to find icrosoft Internet Controlsin the >ist
> of references, thus my buttons don work on my end or the users. I don>€
> know much the actual creation of the buttons or the code that goes into >hem
> I just follow the steps and it used to work. When I run a debug on it >ets
> stuck at (nternetexplorer.applicati>n

Cindy Meister
INTER-Solutions, Switzerland (last update Jun 17 2005)

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