Create table of References?

Create table of References?

Post by SWFuX2 » Sun, 20 Aug 2006 23:54:02

I've used Word for years now, and have never found a good way of doing this...

My documents refer out to loads of others. When I get to the end of the
document, I go through page by page and sort the reference numbers out, so
that they're in numerical order etc according to where they appear in the
document, and then make a table (again manually) at the end to list all
references. This isn't too bad for Issue 1, but when the document gets
upissued things can get messy.

Is there a simple way to insert a number field as part of the reference
label (I've tried using captions, but they only go above or below the
selected text), and then to create an automatic table of references (in a
similar way to Table of Contents etc). I've had a look at fields, but can't
find one that does what I want....

Many thanks

Create table of References?

Post by Daiya Mitc » Mon, 21 Aug 2006 00:42:54

I don't think so....

See Endnotes in Alphabetical Order at this link:

It might give you an alternative quicker approach than your current one. I
can't quite tell what your current method is, but that suggested method
should update without too much pain.

I don't know what you mean by reference label?

You could also buy one of the dedicated bibliographic software management
programs, which are also discussed in #1 Some Introductory Facts on that

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