Save makes the doc jump to the beginning from anywhere else in the

Save makes the doc jump to the beginning from anywhere else in the

Post by QWxleE » Fri, 30 Sep 2005 23:25:03

A user is working in a multi-page table. when she clicks Save, the document
jumps to the top of the Word document.
This happens in every type of doc, not just with tables, though.

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I'm have a number of douments that are set up in seperate folders and
subfolders. When I am creating new series of documents for a particualr file
,how can I set the save option up to go to the last palce I saved a file.
Right now I lose time because I have to click back through to the previous
relocation. When I slick save the docs want to save to a temp file right now
even though the save location is indicated as documents when I check out the
save options.

I teach and I am grading assignments. I like to save simialr graded
assignments in the same folder. I don't recall having this problem with
Word 2003 and think there must be a simple solution I am overlooking right

Any suggestions?

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