Page breaks in Word 2003

Page breaks in Word 2003

Post by ZGF2d2ludG » Sat, 15 Jul 2006 05:55:01

I am taking a report from another system that is in .txt format.
The other system puts a '1' in the upper left hand corner to indicate a page
How can i get Word to insert a page break at each instance of '1' in the
upper left hand corner?

Page breaks in Word 2003

Post by Suzanne S. » Sat, 15 Jul 2006 06:35:22

If there are no other 1s that appear in paragraphs by themselves, try this:

1. Ctrl+H to open the Replace dialog.

2. In the "Find what" box, type "1^p" (without the quotation marks).

3. In the "Replace with" box type "^m" (without the quotation marks).

This will replace each 1 in a paragraph by itself with a manual page break.
It is better, however, to avoid the use of manual page breaks.

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