Word, mailmerge problem.{MERGEFIELD "First_Name"} prints, not

Word, mailmerge problem.{MERGEFIELD "First_Name"} prints, not

Post by Z2VuZXNld » Sun, 30 Jan 2005 20:45:02

Hi Doug,

Problem solved by following your instructions in paragraph 2 - unchecking
the Fields Codes box under Tools>Options>Print

Many thanks,


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This is driving me buggy, and I hope someone can give me some advice
here so I can finish updating my Alumni directory webpage.

I have for years been creating a directory of names/addresses/phone
numbers from a database in a Word 97 word table. Now I have Word 2003
and cannot get a correct merge using the dang Word 2003 "Wizard".

With Word 97 when I opened my template the Mail Merge toolbar would
appear, and I could easily initiate the merge. I could then set merge
options easily for which fields to use and how to sort the result.
(Usually of course the options and sorting remained the same and I
didn't need to make any changes to the template.)

With Word 2003, none of that seems to work, and I am asked to select
the fields to use by checking a box. This obviously does not work well
with a database of about 800 fields.

Is it possible to access something closer to the Word 97 merge in Word
2003? Am I missing something important here???
Appreciate any help,


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