Pagination Problems

Pagination Problems

Post by SmltIFdvb2 » Fri, 05 Nov 2004 06:36:01

Using Word in Office 2000, I'm making a folded booklet using Susan's trick of
the half-page gutter. However, I made a special, "normal" Section 1 of the
document in a 2-column, full page format to use as the cover... Susan's
formatting starts in Section 2. When I try to paginate Section 2 only,
numbers pop up in Section 1 as well. I need to get a "1" starting at the
bottom of the first page of Section 2 with nothing in the footer of Section
1. How do I do this, please?

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I've been experimenting with pagination in the CSS for a print version of a
resume. I want to force the "Addendum" section of the resume to start on a
new page. The addendum begins with an H2 heading on the word Addendum so I
have this line in my HTML:

<h2 class="addendum">Addendum</h2>

and this in my CSS:

h2.addendum {page-break-before: always};

At the moment, I am testing in IE6 on Windows XP. When I go to the resume
and click on Print Preview, it shows that the Addendum is NOT starting on a
new page despite the CSS.

What am I doing wrong?


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