My background image is printing as a tiled image not a full pa

My background image is printing as a tiled image not a full pa

Post by d2F0Y2hlcm » Fri, 25 Aug 2006 00:41:02

I have been having the same problem. I have tried printing to different
utilities, such as PDF, and Microsoft Document Image Writer. It always tiles
the Background. I am using Office 2003. I tried turning off background
printing, but when I printed it, it still tiles. I have tried making the
graphic that I am using extremely large, but that doesnt work either.


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I have a report (Report A). When it runs, it ask a question which selects
what report to run. This works fine.

I have another report (Report B). When it runs, it doens't ask questions by
design and returns all "inventory". There is a table in Report B that
references Report A.

I need to run Report A, inputing what report I want to run... (ex. 200).
From there, on print, need to run Report B with the selection variables from
Report A(ex. 200) if there were matching records.

So, Report A would print #200's information. If there were "inventory"
items that referenced #200, it would print the Inventory information included
in Report B.

Do I use Macros? If so, what do I build it on? Do I have to use custom code?

Thank you in advance!

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