Answers to questions asked in answers to More Questions

Answers to questions asked in answers to More Questions

Post by Blake Fr » Fri, 01 Aug 2003 01:24:10

inserted page numbers from the Header and Footer
toolbar, formatting them with one of the number formats
provided in the Number Format scroll down options. These
hyphens look very out of place on a TOC when preceded by

Regarding spaces in Headings:

The spaces in the Heading that I am refereing to come
after the automatic numbering but before any text.
Normally there would be a tab character there and there
would be no problem. However, I couldn't get the spacing
between the number and the text right with the tab
character even though I could insert my desired tab space
after in the Text Position of the Customize Outline
Numbering Dialogue Box (with Aligned At set to 0). No
matter what tab space after I set, the tab space after
wouldn't go below a minimum space, so instead of the
about .15" I wanted, I could get nothing less than
probably .5" (all my tab positions had been cleared). To
solve this problem, I selected the "More" option in the
Customize Outline Numbering dialogue box and changed the
Follow Number With option from Tab Character to Nothing.
I then manually inserted two spaces in the Number
Formatting box after the number. This worked fine except
that my cross references to paragraph numbers contain
those two extra spaces that I have to delete.

There are other things about the cross reference
formatting that I wanted to change and had to do so
manually (and so didn't want these field updated when I
printed), that was just one example.
page number
Ordinarily it picks up just
calculated page numbers,
using Insert | Page
perhaps? If you use
toolbar and add the
the TOC. As for
have any spaces in the
Ctrl+A, Shift+F11.
to the newsgroup so
manual "Find", "Replace"?)

Answers to questions asked in answers to More Questions

Post by Suzanne S. » Fri, 01 Aug 2003 01:48:54

lease do not keep changing the subject line, which can affect the way your
messages thread in some newsreaders.

In answer to question 1, don't use the - 1 -, - 2 -, -3 - option (I'd never
noticed it); instead, use 1, 2, 3 and insert the hyphens yourself as plain

In answer to question 2, there *is* a way to set up heading numbering the
way you need it. If you have your numbers at 0", left-aligned, then 0.15" is
not enough space to clear a two-digit number and possibly not enough to
clear a one-digit one depending on the font size. That's why your tab is
defaulting to 0.5" (the next built-in tab stop). If you want exactly 0.15"
space between the numbers and the text, then you can right-align the numbers
and allow 0.15" between the "Aligned at" and "Tab space after" positions.
For more on setting up outline numbering, see

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