LAW -- Appellate Brief & correct printer drivers ???

LAW -- Appellate Brief & correct printer drivers ???

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I'll be working on an Appellate Brief for an attorney. I understand
that the page layout may appear different on-screen, between his
computer and mine. I understand that if I install a printer driver
for HIS printer, that I can get my on-screen display to look the same
as it will print out. Even though I don't have the printer itself.

How do I go about this?


LAW -- Appellate Brief & correct printer drivers ???

Post by Jezebe » Wed, 02 Nov 2005 19:18:45

Same way you install any other printer: Start > Printers > Add new printer.
Choose FILE: as the port. If the printer isn't in the windows list, you'll
need to get the printer driver from the attorney (it's on the CD that came
with the printer).

However, you might be making too much of this problem: the layout *can*
differ between printers, but with late-model machines it rarely does. Why
not just run a test?


LAW -- Appellate Brief & correct printer drivers ???

Post by Charles Ke » Wed, 02 Nov 2005 23:28:38

This shouldn't be a big problem so long as you do not use manual page
breaks. Use "page break before" and "keep with next" formatting in your
heading styles.

In your Printers control panel, install the printer driver. However, if what
the attorney wants is a completely finished product, try producing a pdf
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LAW -- Appellate Brief & correct printer drivers ???

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Thanks for the suggestions.


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