LJ4000 drivers w/Win2000 SP4

LJ4000 drivers w/Win2000 SP4

Post by Steven Gor » Wed, 06 Aug 2003 11:07:07

My client is having problems printing from Word 2002 using
the Laserjet 4000 PCL6 OR PCL5E drivers since installing
Windows 2000 SP4. Here is the main problem:
He prints a document (invoice) - prints fine.
He then highlights the address and prints the envelope -
prints fine.
He then modifies the document or reprints the same one and
he only gets the first few lines of the page. Everything
else is truncated. If he then reprints the same document -
it prints fine.

Definitely associated with printing envelopes but it never
did this before SP4 was installed.

Any help would be appreciated - currently using the latest
print drivers from HP.

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2. Group Policy not updating on all workstations (Win2000 SP4 clients/Win2000 and 2003 DCs)

Hey Guys,
We just implemented a new group policy for all workstations (All
workstations are Win 2000 SP4) in our main office location. All
machines reside on the same OU in AD (GP is set at machine level). For

some reason about 40% of the workstations do not want to update the
group policy. The following is implemented in our GPs:

Old GP:
-Login Script that maps out folders on the file server named E07.
-Update virus definitions
-Roaming Profiles

New GP:
-Login Script that maps out folders on the file server named E06.
-Update virus definitions
-Roaming Profiles
-Deployment of helpdesk icon

The majority of the machines take the new GP with no issue. However,
every morning the same machines that had update problems the day before

have it again. The problem machines are still using the old GP. To
remedy the problem I have to go to each workstation and run the

- secedit /refreshpolicy user_policy /enforce
- secedit /refreshpolicy machine_policy /enforce
- reboot machine after 120 seconds

Sometimes I will have to repeat this process 4-5 times before the new
GP will take.
Even if the machine updates its GP today the next morning it will
revert back to the old policy. I have 2 DCs at my location (Win 2000
Servers) and I made sure that the GPs are updated via "replmon". I
also have a DC (Win 2003 Server) out in one of our remote locations
that is updated via replmon as well. Any ideas why I keep having this

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