prints blank page word 2002

prints blank page word 2002

Post by Tom » Mon, 10 Nov 2003 12:47:25

Using word 2002 from xp, it prints only a blank page to
hp 820 cse. This is the first time I tried to print from
word. The printer works fine when I print a web page. This
is also the first time I have posted here. So I'm not sure
how I get a response?

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I have a VB.Net app that creates a single page report using Crystal.
but on some printers a blank page is printing before the report. I've
tried setting the margins but that doesn't seem to help. The only
thing I notice is in my report header options the "New page before"
option although its grayed out it is checked. I've gone as far as
creating a new blank report and found that same option is always
checked. Printer that prints blank pages are HP LaserJet 4350,
(Duplex turned off) and it doesn't print blank pages on HP Laserjet
5100 or a HP LaserJet color 4650.

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