which font is this??

which font is this??

Post by stex » Sat, 22 Jan 2005 05:48:14

Hi everybody,
I'm desperately trying to discover what is the font used in this document:

Anyone can help?
Thank you very much in advance,

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which font is this??

Post by Characte » Sat, 22 Jan 2005 09:27:24

"Whatthefont" identified the headline font as ITC Century Book. And the
text as Euclid (which looks to me the same as Century Book, but I'm
pretty bad at such). The headline it looks wider than either of those
fonts, but the text does appear to be Euclid.

To determine what fonts are in a pdf document, open it with Acrobat or
Adobe Reader or Acrobat Reader, then click on File / Document Properties
/ Fonts. You will see a list of the fonts used. (Unless the text is an

But in this case, the list shows Type 1 fonts:


And a large number of Type 3 fonts named
T1, T2, T4, etc., through T78

There was a thread here a week or two ago regarding these MSTT fonts.

Tim Murray's response was:

"What happened is that during the creation of the PDF, the Windows GDI
intercepted the request for a Type 1 font and replaced it with a
constructed-on-the-fly TrueType equivalent.

Certain combinations of old Windows + old ATM can do this."

In this document, the MSTT's are not stored as Truetype, but as type1.
Using an old PDF font extraction scheme, I was only able to find three
of the seven subset-embedded MSTT's (55f00, 56a00, and 57500), and
although they are Type 1 fonts, they have Truetype outlines.

I'm SURE that these came from some perfectly common font - but I can't

- Character