Word MailMerge does not show print setup dialog

Word MailMerge does not show print setup dialog

Post by Bogdan B » Wed, 12 May 2004 20:31:19


I succesfully used MailMerge to create documents filled with data. But,
since Office XP, the client have lost the ability to select a printer of
their choice
because the print dialog does not show up.

The "engine" works with some template documents, and a RTF document
containing the data.

So, my question is, how can I force Word to show the print dialog when the
Destionation of the
MailMerge document is the printer ?

I tried to make a new document with the results of the mail merge, but,
unfortunately, the only
way to get a print dialog is to execute the document's PrintPreview method,
and my clients does not
accept this.

Can you help me ?

Thanks in advance,

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I am doing a mail merge with Word and it works very well... as long as the
user clicks OK in the Print dialog box. How can I specify that not only I
want the Merge.Destination to be wdSendToPrinter, but I want it sent to the
printer without the dialog box opening. Here is my code:
oWord := CreateOLEObject('word.application');
oWord.Visible := false;
oDocument := oWord.ActiveDocument;
oMerge := oDocument.MailMerge;
oMerge.MainDocumentType := wdFormLetters;
oMerge.Destination := wdSendToPrinter
oMerge.MailAsAttachment := False;
oMerge.MailAddressFieldName := '';
oMerge.MailSubject := '';
oMerge.SuppressBlankLines := True;
oMerge.DataSource.FirstRecord := wdDefaultFirstRecord;
oMerge.DataSource.LastRecord := wdDefaultLastRecord;
// The Execute command is not finished executing that the Print dialog
box opens....

I found that the printing is being done with the Application.PrintOut...
but where would i put it?
Thanks in advance for any help.


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