Addresses on envelopes printing in color - Purple/Green

Addresses on envelopes printing in color - Purple/Green

Post by Andy » Fri, 24 Sep 2004 06:22:40

Word 2003 - SP1 printing standard #10 envelopes to a
Lexmark x6170 all-in-one printer. All other printing
looks fine. I've verified my font color as black however
every envelope I try to print comes out in purple and
green. I've tried everything typical - Head cleaning,
printer driver updates etc. Thanks

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2. I can't print envelopes - It prints off the edge - I tried re-ins.

I'm trying to print a simple #9 envelope.
When I do, it prints off the edge of the page (not centered correctly, or
even close).

The problem started when I printed some Christmas envelopes that were a
custom size. Since then, I can't print ANY envelopes.

I uninstalled Office and then deleted the directory (funny, it wasn't
already deleted).
It didn't help. I noticed that Word still remembered all my previous
settings and also still couldn't print a #9 envelope.

How can I rectify this problem?

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