o2ksu.exe patch

o2ksu.exe patch

Post by Bill Cas » Tue, 22 Jul 2003 17:28:41

I downloaded the o2ksu.exe spelling patch from the Microsoft download centre
before I noticed - "cannot be uninstalled".

Now various programs - not all - but including my Office 2000 detect and
repair, *** when asked to spell check

I've tried re-installing. I still get a 1328 error or "talk to your patch

How do I fix, restore, or delete this patch?

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2. What are mprexe.exe, rpcss.exe, wmiexe.exe, ddhelp.exe, and mmtask.tsk?


I just found a list of all the programs that are running
whenever I am using win98se.
I knew what most of them are, but these 5 stumped me.
All 5 are found in my win98se\system subdirectory, and all start up
at bootup from the registry..

mprexe.exe 28672 bytes 4-23-99
mmtask.tsk 1184 bytes 4-23-99
rpcss.exe 20480 bytes 4-23-99
wmiexe.exe 16384 bytes 4-23-99
ddhelp.exe 32768 bytes 12-2-02

Can anyone tell me what these files are, what they do, and
what would happen if I killed or deleted them?
I'm paranoid, and I don't like to have something running when
I have no idea what it does.



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