Plural form of an initalism

Plural form of an initalism

Post by Davi » Sun, 21 Sep 2003 06:09:12

Does anyone know how to get Word to ignore the plural form
of an initialism? For example if I type "look at the PDSs
on the system" I want Word to recognize that PDSs is the
plural form of an initialism and not flag it as a
mispelled word.

BTW, an initialism and an acronym are used synonymously.


Plural form of an initalism

Post by Cindy Meis » Sun, 21 Sep 2003 20:53:17

Hi David,

I think you'd have to add these explicitly to (one of) your
custom dictionary(ies).

Cindy Meister
INTER-Solutions, Switzerland (last update
Jan 24 2003)

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Plural form of an initalism

Post by mikegwilli » Mon, 22 Sep 2003 08:43:36

The spell-checker doesn't understand any word morphology. For the most
part it's just comparing strings of characters to entries in its
lexicon. Initialisms aside, it doesn't even automatically handle
simple plurals (e.g. cats) or possessives (e.g. cat's) unless each
form is explicitly added to the lexicon. Words with terminating
apostrophes, such as plural possessives (e.g. cats') are accepted if
the word prior to the apostrophe is in the lexicon. This is presumably
to handle quoted text (e.g. 'the cats').

Plural form of an initalism

Post by dmber » Sun, 28 Sep 2003 09:18:53

Cindy is right, you need to add any plurals of acronyms/initialisms to your custom dictionary if you don't
want the spellchecker to flag them as misspelled.


Deborah Milam Berkley
Microsoft Natural Language Group


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