no language synonyms

no language synonyms

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Word version? Are you up to date with service packs?

Mike Williams - Office MVP

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Include details of your application and Windows versions, plus any
service pack updates. Answers may also be found by reading recent
posts, checking the FAQs or searching the relevant Google archive at.

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Thanks to all that reply.

Using Word 2002 in Windows 2000 / Office XP

I have a document with numerous sections and need to have the following:

Header - "Doc. Page X of XX"
Footer - "Sec. Page Y of YY"

X = specific document page number, XX = total number of pages in the document,
Y = specific section page number, YY = total number of pages in the section

I can get X (field code: { PAGE }), XX (field code: { NUMPAGES }), and YY
(field code: { SECTIONPAGES \# "0" \* Arabic \* MERGEFORMAT }).

How do I define "Y" to display the specific section page number that will
still allow X to be specific document page number.

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