Grammar checker inoperative

Grammar checker inoperative

Post by carloar » Thu, 02 Oct 2003 06:07:34

Hi Fred

Try a few things.

1. Under Tools -> Language -> Set language, make sure the text is marked as English and "Do not check spelling or grammar" is

2. Under Tools -> Options -> Spelling and grammar, "Check grammar as you type" and "Check grammar with Spelling" should both be
CHECKED, and "Hide grammatical errors in this document" should be UNCHECKED.

3. Finally the grammar checkers offer a high degree of customization so make sure the options you care about are on. Go to Tools ->
Options -> Spelling and grammar -> Writing Style -> Settings, and check everything you care about. "Grammar and Style" has most things

4. Then try a sentence like "This are a test". This sentence is definitely caught by the grammar checker.

Let me know if this helps!


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| >Hello!
| >
| >I use Word 2002 under Win XP Pro to write Outlook messages. Spellcheck works OK, but Grammar check does not flag any error, either
while typing or after selecting a phrase. It just opens a window with readability stats. All options seem to be set correctly.
| >
| >Please help, Fred


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'The following code runs a spell check and grammar check

Private Sub cmdSpellCheck_Click()

Dim oWDBasic As Object
Dim sTmpString As String

Set oWDBasic = CreateObject("Word.Basic")
oWDBasic.Insert txtFreeForm.Text
On Error Resume Next
oWDBasic.SetDocumentVar "MyVar", WDBasic.Selection
sTmpString = oWDBasic.GetDocumentVar("MyVar")
'The following code will NOT close WORD
'DoCmd.Close acModule, "word.basic", acSaveNo
'DoCmd.Close , "word.basic", acSaveNo
'DoCmd.Close , oWDBasic, acSaveNo
txtFreeForm.Text = Left(sTmpString,Len(sTmpString) - 1)
MsgBox "The spell check and grammar check are complete"

End Sub

Private Sub cmdOk_Click()

gstrFreeForm = txtFreeForm.Text
If IsNull(txtFreeForm) Then
MsgBox "You must type something in the text box"
End If

End Sub

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