HP's "Economode"

HP's "Economode"

Post by Mike Basse » Wed, 04 Feb 2004 04:32:58

I have a VBA routine which is called from the Word menu
bar to generate a letterhead and copy. When activated
this prints the current document twice with the first
page of the first copy coming from tray 2 (containing
letterhead paper) of the printer and the remainder coming
from tray 3 (containing plain paper). As this routine is
activated several hundred times a day and the copy does
not need to be of the greatest quality it would be
really, really nice to be able to print it in
HP's "ECONOMODE". I have tried to record a macro to
discover how this is invoked but the resulting VBA shows
nothing relevant. I also know that there is an escape
code for this function; and what it is! So 2 questions:

1) is it possible to invoke "ECONOMODE" from VBA?
2) is it possible to use escape codes for printers from

An good answer to either would be great - both would be


HP's "Economode"

Post by Jonathan W » Wed, 04 Feb 2004 04:41:18

Hi Mike

You would hve to check wither it matches Economode on your specific printer,
but you can set the printer to Draft mode from code. This article shows you

Controlling the Printer from Word VBA Microsoft Office
Part 2: Using VBA to control Duplex, Color Mode and Print Quality

Yes, in principle. You can embed a PRINT field within the document that
contains escape codes. You would have to check where exactly within the
printer stream the codes get embedded.

Jonathan West - Word MVP
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HP's "Economode"

Post by anonymou » Thu, 05 Feb 2004 03:09:55


I'm afraid draft mode isn't "ECONOMODE" I've tried it,
all it does is remove certain types of formatting from
the document.

Embedding the escape codes into the document does work
but not for this case as the code works on the current
document whatever it is and many of the documents are
locked with a password which may vary and we may not have
anyway so I can't even embed the code temporarily.

I'm not trying to be difficult - honest - but I think
that if we can solve the economode problem it has the
potential to save not only my organisation bags of cash
but many others.


your specific printer,
This article shows you
Print Quality
the document that
exactly within the