tracking users

tracking users

Post by TM » Wed, 03 Mar 2004 03:35:07

I think I have seen/read this before, but I cannot
remember where or what it would have been called. I need
to be able to track which users open/access certain
documents. Management wants to ensure the employees are
reading these reference docs. Can this be done??

THANKS! Sorry if this is posted to the wrong area!
Suggestions are welcome! I have also posted this
to "Document management".

tracking users

Post by infoscen » Sat, 06 Mar 2004 14:58:52

In case someone has already answered your other post, please ignore.

You could go hunting around in the registry for the user details, but
I don't know how much success you'd have in extracting the required
information. I had a bit of a play with that but with little success.

Two easier methods I can think of:
1) Use the "Application.UserName" property.
2) Prompt the user to provide their name via a dialog. (or perhaps get
UserName first, then display it to the reader and give them the chance
to edit it)

In either case, once you've got the above info, write it out to a file
or append it to your document.

All the best,