Windows XP and Word 2003 - THANK YOU

Windows XP and Word 2003 - THANK YOU

Post by Matt » Thu, 25 Dec 2003 00:44:15



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Hi... I use windows XP and Office 2003 in my office and a powerbook G4
with Office for Mac 2004 at home. I had created a word document at work
and at times edited it at home and haven't had a far. I
use iDisk to share the files. After my last edit at home I am now
unable to open the document at work. I get the following error message:

Word experienced an error trying to open these files:
*Check the file permissions for the docuemnt or drive
*Make sure there's sufficient memory...
*Open file with the text recovery converter

I checked the permissions and they seem ok, there is sufficient memory
and hard disk space, and text recovery converter does open the file but
deletes all the graphics and formtting. It's a 60 pge doocument and I'd
go nuts trying to redo the formatting....any suggestions? By the way
the graphics were only these simple flow charts and stuff...I also
check the compatibilty report i\on my mac and it said problems.
I would be grateful for any help here.

China Man

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