Invoke builtin Smarttags or builtin paste-method

Invoke builtin Smarttags or builtin paste-method

Post by Norber » Fri, 23 Mar 2007 17:08:53


I have written a tool to protect bookmarks from changes.

One measure to achieve this is to monitor *all* copy-, cut- and

So I changed all of these actions (by menu / context-menu / toolbar-icon /
hotkey) to run into my tool:
if bookmarks would be affected it does some tricks and things and if not the
"normal" action takes place.

Now there arises a problem committing the paste-action:
I always had thought the method "Word.ActiveWindow.selection.Paste" to do
exactly the same as the "normal, builtin Paste" that Word does.

But that not true - the "normal" default-paste does even more!

Just enable "Show Paste Options buttons" in Tools -> Options -> Edit.
Then after each paste-action Word shows a Smarttag enabling the user to
decide whether to keep or to discard the pasted texts formats.

When I use the paste-method from within VBA this Smarttag does *not* appear.

So apparently the "normal" default-Paste in Word must consist of more than
just the Paste-method.

Does anyboday know how to do one of the following in VBA-code?
- invoke Words own builtin Paste-method
- show Words own builtin "Show Paste Options buttons"-Smarttag

I be ever so thankful for a hint because it would be quite irksome to
re-build an already builtin function by hand.

Best regards!

Harald Dehner