How do I enforce an "Executive Summary" area?

How do I enforce an "Executive Summary" area?

Post by stephenmoo » Wed, 10 Sep 2003 15:02:32

Best option I've found so far is ActiveX Rich Text control - I can set
Max Length, contents can be referenced from VBA and authors are
unlikely to accidently delete it.

Bad news - formatting is very limited within the control: no selective
bolding and no bullet point lists.

Any further suggestions??

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D7 Enterprise, QReport Pro 3.6.2

I have an application whereby I am printing invoices on pre-printed forms.
These forms have area at the bottom where the totals are supposed to be
printed. I am using a summary band to fill in this area. This works fine
if the invoice is only one page in length, but for invoices with many items,
the details bleed down into this area, going right to the bottom margin.

Is there a way to suppress detail band printing into the summary area?

I thought of using a page footer, but I think that would print on each page,
and I only want the totals on the last page.

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