translate nat-lang ?????

translate nat-lang ?????

Post by ritasathan » Thu, 09 Sep 2004 20:02:20

hello to every body (gia kai xara se olous [greeklish])

allow my friends,
does anybody know how i can translate for example
"english language to pseudo code(algorithm code)"
or "pseudo code to sourse code(c/c++,clips,java etc.)"
or "any sourse language to an other destining language"

I have listen last 2 weeks about translation commercial packet
TRADOS 6.5. But it was multiterminology lexicon and it was dificult
to trainning this software.
my friends if anybody of you, know any algorithm
(ann,expert,generic,mametic etc) please infom me

THANK YOU (ephcharisto poly)

translate nat-lang ?????

Post by Rand » Sun, 12 Sep 2004 01:55:54

It's relatively easy to translate structured English to pseudo code or pseudo
code to source code. The challenge is that no human being is good at writing
sufficiently precise English or pseudo code such that the final source code is
correct even syntactically, much less semantically. In the end, I'm sure you
can write a program that can translate successfully, but I suspect the generated
source code will be too imprecise to be correct.

As to translating between natural languages, I can't comment on the state of the
art. I understand that those systems that have had the greatest success have
been commercial tools on which developers spent a LOT of time hand customizing
the translation process. AFAIK, no theoretical models for machine translation
have accomplished a useful level of performance without major hand tuning for
idioms and semantic subtleties.


Randy Crawford ~rand rand AT rice DOT edu


translate nat-lang ?????

Post by MTMTC_0 » Thu, 17 Mar 2005 15:28:23