Computer generation of fictions

Computer generation of fictions

Post by Mok-Kong S » Fri, 26 Nov 2004 22:27:09

While computer generation of musical pieces and pictures
of art is well known since a long time, I learned recently
that there exist also computer programs capable of writing
fictions. See #item4

Could someone provide pointers to comparatively good modern
software in that direction? I suppose one need not be very
ambitious literally in cases of many practical applications
(i.e. for purposes other than book publishing). IMHO it would
be already quite valuable, if one could obtain very nice
semantically coherent automatically generated texts of some
small scale, e.g. e-mails, thru simply providing to the
software the main points (intents) of the texts without
posing concrete constraints like exact wordings to be used
and style etc.


M. K. Shen

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2. MS Access metadata repository generation query, matrix generation query, table-generation query, array-generation query.


In 2002 I asked the microsoft.public.access.tablesdbdesign group a
question about how to "automatically build tables from field
defintions rows in another table".

I never received an answer that fit my needs, but the topic has come
up again in my work. Other terms that might describe what I'm looking
for are: metadata repository query, matrix generation query, table-
generation query, array-generation query.

Consider the following tab-delimited layout of an MS Access Query in
Datasheet view.

Class_Name Attribute_Name Attribute_Type Attribute_Length Value_Name
Dog Gender Char 10 Female
Dog Breed Char 30 Beagle
House Bathroom Number NA 3
House Bedrooms Number NA 3
Person Last Name Char 20 Smith
Person First Name Char 20 Joe
Person Birth Year Number NA 1951

How can I use the non-programming features of MS Access 2000, 2003, or
2007 to automatically generate a Datasheet view that would provide
form or query data entry functionality that would look like the
following Tab-delimited layout for Class=Person (Attributes: First
Name, Last Name, Birth Year)

First Name Last Name Birth Year
Joe Smith 1951

Note that I want to be able to add "values" to the cells of the class/
attribute matrix for data entry purposes.


(Yes, I want to build a table-definition metadata tool on top of MS
Access's ISAM database engine, as well as on top of a SQL DBMS.)

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