Dyck context-free grammar formal definition?

Dyck context-free grammar formal definition?

Post by Georgios P » Mon, 27 Oct 2003 07:43:10

I am searching information about the
"Dyck context free grammar". From
a small search I have done, it seems that
this grammar is a kind of balanced parenthesis
grammar, but I am not completelly sure.
Does anybody knows of any sitations explaing
"Dyck grammars" or a formal definition?

Also, how easy is to generate sentences from
its language?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi All,

A few months ago I completed a generator for recursive-decent parsers
from ABNF-defined grammars (APG - an ABNF Parser Generator). It was
done in an ad hoc way with no concern at all for reinventing the
wheel. I'm now backtracking a little and trying to find out which
wheel it is that I might have reinvented. The only other fully
context-free algorithms that I've been able to find so far are the
CYK, Earley and GLR algorithms. Are there any recursive-decent or
otherwise algorithms for fully context-free grammars that I should
know about?

Also, APG always disambiguates to a single parse tree. However,
looking at the "dangling else", I've found that is easy to get either
translation from the single parse tree. That is,

if(expr) then {if(expr) then {stmt} else {stmt}}
if(expr) then {if(expr) then {stmt}} else {stmt}.

It seems to me that this could be generalized to say, in effect, that
any tree from the forest can be emulated by any other. Does anyone
know of a contradiction to this?

A more complete examination of this problem and others with working
examples is available from my web site (www.coasttocoastresearch.com)

Comments and discussion would be welcome.

Lowell Thomas

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