Help with Link Parser Grammar - Windows Version

Help with Link Parser Grammar - Windows Version

Post by putmanj » Tue, 09 Dec 2003 04:03:00


I am trying to use Link Parser Windows Version

I downloaded but it has only .exe available. There is no
.lib . Can anybody tell me how to interface with the LinkParser from
another VC++ project. I mean the linker and compiler settings?

Has anybody used this parser in the windows version? How did you use
the api-example.c? The project compiles fine and I am able to use the
Command Line interface too. But I need to be able to call the
functions this from another project.

I have used WordNet earlier. It provides both an .exe and a .lib so
there was no problem using the API.

(I tried to figure out if ther is any way I can generate a .lib file.
I posted meseges to another group. The replies appear very

Your help is very valuable to me.

1. Parser Theory - Using grammars to build parsers

2. ANN: LinkGrammar-WN v1.0 Released - Lexicon addon for the Link Grammar syntactic English parser

LinkGrammar-WN v1.0 has been released. LinkGrammar-WN is a lexicon
addon for the Link Grammar Parser, a syntactic English parser based on
the Link Grammar theory of English syntax.

This project aims to import lexical information from WordNet into the
LGP lexicon. WordNet is an online lexical reference system that in
recent years has become a popular tool for AI researchers.

LinkGrammar-WN v1.0 contains 14,392 noun word forms not available
within the original LGP lexicon, thus increasing the size of the LGP
lexicon by roughly 25%.

This work is based on and inspired by the paper:

"Adding a Medical Lexicon to an English Parser", by Szolovits, P. --
Project Page:

The LinkGrammar-WN project page is:


Elliot Turner

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