ANALYTICAL SOFTWARE for Traders (September 2006)

ANALYTICAL SOFTWARE for Traders (September 2006)

Post by max » Sat, 09 Sep 2006 09:29:17

3600 best analytical programs, best trading systems, books, courses and
seminars (49 CDs)

TradeStation v8.1 + Owndata v2.4
MetaStock Pro v9.1 RT
Omega Research ProSuite 2000i
Advanced GET EOD and RT
Safir-XP 1.7
Ninja Trader v5.1
NexGen T-3 ProTrader (2006)
Ocean for TS by Jim Sloman
Vantage Point
MT Predictor EOD 5.0 and RT 4.0
Builder trading sytem by Keener Capitol
BWT Trend Indicators II for Tradestation
Cobalt for Tradestation
Dollar Trader for Tradestation (2006)
EarlyBird III for Tradestation
Indicia FOREX Trading system
RC Miracles II by Rickey cheun for Tradestation
Shockwave trading system by Keener Capitol for Tradestation
Spectrum for Tradestation
Wealth Lab 4.0
...and others

Lowest prices. 15 variants of payment.
CDs will be shipped (DHL or FedEx) within 24 hours.
Or download from fast FTP or HTTP (up to 10mb/s) within 1-2 hours.

11-17 September 2006 - discount up to 50%