topology or logic error

topology or logic error

Post by stef » Wed, 12 May 2004 02:50:46


I've tried to make an NN for a connect 4 game according to some article i've
found on the net.
My topology is : 126(3 inputs for each position(7x6 board)) input neurons,
126 hidden neurons, 7 output neurons

each input neuron is connected with one hidden neuron and each hidden neuron
is connected with all of the output neurons.

The output neurons produce a value between 0 and 1 and the neuron with the
highest output is used to play the corresponding column.

When I train the network and try to run some values through it(even values
that i trained) i always get the same output no matter what input i give. So
the same column is played over and over.
This doesn't happen when i train just one inputvalue but as soon as i train
more than one it's the same again.

Would this be an error in my train algorithm or is there a problem with my

here is my training function

Thanks in advance.