Best software for G.A.s to evolve neural nets?

Best software for G.A.s to evolve neural nets?

Post by Vinc » Sun, 22 Oct 2006 22:48:35

I'm intending to do a college project on neural networks. It will be
involve optimisation / regression , with 10 input variables and one
output. I already have the data , the data provider/end user has asked
for the finished product to run on a windows platform, so I intend to
develop on a windows PC. At a push I might develop in Unix & port the
finished product across. My experience is in C/C++ with some Java.
I'm interested in evolutionary ANNs , and see my project as using
genetic algorithms to evolve
the ANN, weights & topology. From what I've read , a good approach
might be to use GAs to evolve the network then fine tune with something
like a standard back-prop system (i.e. a hybrid EANN).

I'm looking for advice as to a good software package to use, so I dont
have to reinvent wheels.
Either one that does the whole hybrid approach, or alternatively I
could write the GA code myself then feed the evolved ANN into a more
standard package. Any package would have to be academically robust.
Ideally free, but $150 max. Preferred (but not essential) to include
source code.

I've looked in the FAQ & done web searches, get a confusing mix of
alternatives, but nothing that fits the need so far.

Would appreciate any suggestions/ experiences.

Thanks in advance.

Best software for G.A.s to evolve neural nets?

Post by aleks.ontm » Wed, 25 Oct 2006 16:37:10

Try this ~kstanley/neat.html



Best software for G.A.s to evolve neural nets?

Post by I. Mysel » Fri, 27 Oct 2006 11:10:39


Take a look at the URL below. There you can download programs in C that evolve
neural networks using GA. There is also a tutorial, plus some essays, and lots
of documentation.

What ANNEvolve has is a collection of similar, but separate, programs that
perform neuroevolution.

Mitchell Timin

I'm proud of . If you want to write
software, or articles, or do testing or research for ANNEvolve, let me know.

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zenguy at shaw321 dot ca