NeuroSolutions v5.0 Now Available!

NeuroSolutions v5.0 Now Available!

Post by suppor » Fri, 17 Jun 2005 04:35:39

NeuroDimension Incorporated recently released version 5.0 of our entire
suite of neural network development tools -- NeuroSolutions,
NeuroSolutions for Excel, and the Custom Solution Wizard.
NeuroSolutions is a highly graphical neural network development tool
that enables you to easily create a neural network model for your data.
Several enhancements have been made to NeuroSolutions v5.0 with the
most significant being the addition of the Levenberg-Marquardt learning
algorithm. Many improvements have also been made to NeuroSolutions
add-on products like NeuroSolutions for Excel and the Custom Solution

NeuroSolutions v5.0 Major Features

NeuroSolutions v5.0 has three new major features added that
significantly improve the modeling capabilities of the software:

* Data Manager - This tool allows you to import in data from
Access, Excel or text files and do various preprocessing and data
analysis operations. From there, you can load the data directly into a
NeuroSolutions Breadboard or use the data to create a new neural

* Levenberg-Marquardt - This second-order learning algorithm
generally trains significantly faster than Momentum learning and
usually arrives at a solution with a significantly lower error.

* Improved Accuracy - All of the calculations made in
NeuroSolutions now use double precision floating point values, allowing
for more accurate results.

NeuroSolutions for Excel Major Features

* Leave-N-Out Training - Trains the network multiple times, each
time omitting a different subset of the data and using that subset for
testing. The outputs from each tested subset are combined into one
testing report and the model is trained one additional time using all
of the data.

* Build Networks Faster! - NeuralExpert technology has been
integrated into NeuroSolutions for Excel to allow you to create a new
neural network model based on the problem type.

A free evaluation copy of NeuroSolutions v5.0 is available for download

About NeuroDimension, Inc.

NeuroDimension ( is the world's leading provider of neural
network development tools. Headquartered in Gainesville, Florida,
NeuroDimension has assembled an exceptional team of researchers and
engineers, encompassing an extended knowledge of artificial
intelligence, time-series analysis and software engineering. Several of
these individuals are also experienced traders. This unique blend of
talents and software technology has now been combined to produce
TradingSolutions. The core technology of the company is a software
tool, NeuroSolutions, which enables engineers and researchers to easily
model their data using neural networks. Neural networks are a form of
artificial intelligence that enables the computer to "learn" in a way
similar to the human mind. Modeled after neurons in the brain, neural
networks analyze data to detect patterns or trends. Since
NeuroSolutions was introduced in 1994, it has attracted thousands of
users from around the globe, making it the standard in neural network
development tools. NeuroDimension itself has also used this product as
the basis for research grants, neural network courses, books,
applications and consulting.

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GT.M V5.1-000 is available
( ). This adds
significant functionality - multi-site replication. Whereas
previously, a primary instance replicated to a secondary instance, with
V5.1-000, a root primary instance can replicate to as many as 16
secondary instances. Each secondary can act as a propagating primary
to 16 tertiaries for a total of 273 instances. Each tertiary can act
as a propagating primary to 16 quarternaries, for a total of 4,369
instances. And so on. In the event of a failure of the primary, with
appropriate network and operational procedures, any other instance can
become the new root primary for an unprecedented level of protection of
continuity of business. Details are in the technical bulletin
( )

-- Bhaskar
ks dot bhaskar at fnf dot com

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