Makita LS0714 Quad 10 Amp 7-1/2-Inch Sliding Compound Miter saw

Makita LS0714 Quad 10 Amp 7-1/2-Inch Sliding Compound Miter saw

Post by Armendare » Sat, 23 May 2009 21:41:22

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Small, light, incredibly clean cuts. I had to adjust my bevel stops out of the box, but the small blade and a 6" engineer's square made it a snap. Smooth action and portable size have made it essential, my 10" sits at home while this one travels job to job. As a finish guy I rarely need to cut anything over 2" thick, I cut mouldings on the flat. This saw is perfect, you're crazy to consider anything else. Do yourself a favor if you buy this, build a small table with stock supports around 8" deep, the small supports on the saw allow wide material to roll off post cut.
This has become a very big part of my work, I have the Makita 12" compound but found that this is great for doing misc pick up work or smaller jobs when taking out the big dog is too much. It's really nice when you need to move alot from room to room as well as up and down stairs. Cutting smaller trim on it is alot more comfortable as well compared to the 12". This saw has plenty of power, nice brake system and is actually nice to have side by side on the job with the other saws so you don't need to keep changing one saws angle all the time. It's just plain convenient to own!
This saw gives you cuts as smooth as glass in oak, pine and hard maple with almost no tearout on the bottom side. Since it has only 2" of vertical capacity I believe that its primary usage is in cabinet making. At least that is how I am using it. Its sliding mechanism is extremely smooth with no play. It gives you cuts up to 12" wide which are perfectly straight with no 'climbing' effect. Out of the box the blade was square to the table and the fence. I think that a table could have been a bit larger but my saw is mounted on a stand so it is a non-issue for me. Another possible detraction is that nobody(?) but Makita makes blades in 7-1/2" size but thus far the supplied blade proved (about 25 bucks if purchased separately) to be very good. Makita also could have provided two clamps for each side of the blade instead of just one. But I have yet to find a perfect tool...
Four steel poles with four linear ball bearings ensures stable, accurate and vibration-free cutting***Smooth easy slide system allows cross cuts up to 11-3/4" wide***Large aluminum turn base supports large stock for efficient cutting.


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