Default printer dilemma

Default printer dilemma

Post by rtshac » Fri, 23 Jan 2004 06:53:16

I am running a W2K and Citrix Metaframe XP terminal services
environment and I am having a problem automatically setting the
default printer for specific groups of users through a batch file in
group policies. I have tried using "defprint" and "setdefaultprinter"
but they don't seem to work. Here is a sample of the syntax used for
the "defprint" command and I'm uncertain about the "setdefaultprinter"

c:\defprint /d HP LaserJet 4100N

According to the readme for "defprint" I should be able to use the
printer share name or the port number (ip address). Using the port
number didn't work either.

Am I doing something wrong or is there possibly another solution out

A huge advance THANKS!!!

-Bob S.

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2. WindowsXP and IE Dilemma Dilemma Dilemma, Please Help!!

We are using WindowsXP and IE. Our ISP is Optonline. We were having an issue
where we are able to open, read, delete, file all mail but as soon as we
wanted to either reply to an email and/or creat a new email from scratch we
got a pop-up msg that stated that "IE Experienced a problem and must shut
down" and then our entire internet crashed & shut-down.

We contacted Optonline who said it is a definite issue w/Microsoft and/or
IE. We contacted Dell who said that we need to completely remove IE from the
add/remove programs and install a "Clean Copy" of IE??? I went to add/remove
programs and do not see IE and was told to click on componets and click on
IE, Next, and continue to remove.

I don't wanna make a bad situation worse. I just wanna be able to use IE,
have proper use of my email, get back to IE and all of my favorite places,
etc... etc...

Can someone/Anyone please point me in the right direction of how to remove
the old IE and how do I then install a new CLEAN COPY of IE and has anyone
had this email issue w/IE-Microsoft as well???

We have scanned for spyware, adware, we have removed all pop-up
blockers including the google toolbar, help, please please please help,

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