serching an intruduction guide

serching an intruduction guide

Post by giovannak8 » Sun, 26 Sep 2004 19:59:36

can somebody suggest me a introduction guide on server/client programming?

Expecially:How it's possible to connect a DB to different client?


(sorry for my english...)

serching an intruduction guide

Post by pedaammul » Wed, 13 Oct 2004 11:29:35


Server machine should be loaded with server os. Install SQL server on
server machine. SQL Server ships with client tools that can be
installed on SQL Server or any machine running a windows os.

The client tools are installed on multiple machines within the network
to facilitate remote administration and development on SQL server.

Users who have the ability to install the client tools have access to
both Enterprie manager and sql query analyzer.

Connections to Sql server from the client tools is provided by the
network libraries and is configured through the Client Network Utility
and the Server network utility.

Second the connections made through applications to SQL server are
made via OLEDB or ODBC. The network library is included with the OLEDB
provider or ODBC driver.

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