Should server and client operating systems be same

Should server and client operating systems be same

Post by afroze.moh » Thu, 05 Jan 2006 06:04:23

We have Win 2000 server for our department. We have two types of access
privileges (one for students and other for Administrators). Earlier we
used Win 2000 in all our client systems. All the computers were added
to domain and could access the two accounts as per privileges defined
in server system. But, now we have replaced our client systems with Win
XP. Added to domain, but doesn't work the way Win 2000 systems used to
work. The new systems can login to domain accounts but, doesn't look
like (access privileges) Win 2000.

How to setup these new XP clients in order to work the way Win 2000
used to.

Thanks in advance

Should server and client operating systems be same

Post by Davi » Fri, 06 Jan 2006 02:33:18

Microsoft generally changes its menu layout and naming conventions
with every release. Windows 2000 added several security measures
and tended to default access to shares in an open state. XP and 2003
have both had somewhat more restrictive defaults for account and
access priveledges.

In XP they also hid several of the security options that were visible
in 2000. There is a setting somewhere (Folder Settings?) that allows
the Security Tab to become visible again. The setting you are looking
for defaults to on/checked and is called something like "Simplified
Security Model". There may be other differences as well. You may get
a better response if you ask your question in the microsoft.* groups.