Slow NFS Writes on MacOSX NFS client

Slow NFS Writes on MacOSX NFS client

Post by davidecolb » Sun, 27 Jul 2003 01:07:50


I have been having some terrible problems with all of my mac nfs
All of them nfs mount from various un*x machines, mainly from an sgi
server. AFP, SMB, FTP, scp, http all have acceptable performance on
the clients. NFS reads on the clients have acceptable performance.

NFS writes on the mac clients are horrendously slow (less than 5% of
what I should be getting).

I have tried everything that I can think of. Obviously, it's not
hardware if other services are getting good speeds. None of my other
non-mac clients are affected. I have tested a single mac nfs serving
to another mac on a little switch, and nfs writes are still slow, so
it's not my server or the network infrastructure between the server
and client. I've tried all duplex settings. I have tried every
possible configuration of nfs for the mounts that I can think of, but
nothing improves write performance. rsize and wsize are 8k, tried tcp
and udp, nfs v2 and nfs v3, but nothing works.

I've used ethereal to look at packets. When I used TCP, I got "invalid
TCP checksum" errors and when I used UDP, the "Stable" flag in the
packets was UNSTABLE. I don't know what to do with this information,

Have others encounterd this? I have exhausted all resources at my
disposal. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix? All of our users' home
directories are NFS mounted to clients. Until NFS works, the macs
cannot be integrated into our network as clients. SMB and AFP are not
options due to their limitations.

Although you can mount NFS volumes through either the Finder or
NetInfo Manager, Apple does not support NFS in MacOSX, and has offered
no solution.

Does anyone out there have any ideas or found a work around, or do I
just have to wait for a better nfs implementation from Apple?

Thanks in advance,
David Colbert

Slow NFS Writes on MacOSX NFS client

Post by davidecolb » Thu, 31 Jul 2003 04:35:25

Yes, I get the same results.