Terminal Service

Terminal Service

Post by sandervanb » Thu, 07 Apr 2005 22:19:38

Can anyone please explain to me why a terminal (or thin client) does
not need a fan?

I do not understand since it has got a CPU. So why does it not need any

Thanks in advance

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Hi Everyone

Have to setup a solution where by one of the staff access data remotely.

They want to be able to have Outlook, Access to Excel spreadsheets, Word
Docs and Attache Accounting.

The connection will most probably be via the internet (using a dial up to
the internet) then to the server which is connected to the internet via ADSL

What solution should I use

1. Just a VPN
2. VPN connection to the server then connect Terminal services.
3. TS direct to the server.

Any help would be appreciated


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