Post by zach_boyc » Mon, 11 Oct 2004 17:09:33

can you help me?,

i have a emachine computer that has a motherboard with thoes three
pins on it and i have a NIC made by 3com that also has the three pins
on it i have tooken the twisted three wire cord and conncted them i
have also gone in to the BIOS setup and enabled the Wake-on-LAN and my
computer still wont wake any suggestions? any answers? please help
thank you

-Zach Boyce


Post by delphiu » Tue, 12 Oct 2004 15:54:42

Well Zach,

Is it possible that you've connected the wires properly?

Take some steps to make sure you've done it right :

--Read your motherboard manual, or get one online at e-machines'
--Check the wiring, and the condition of the wires
--Try to find a diagram with more visual instruction rather than a
manual with just text - it might be more useful

If all else fails, try to take a picture of your configuration and
post it in a reply to this thread, because if you had the wires
connected correctly..the machine would probably wake-on LAN.